Monday, August 25, 2008

Optimize Your Website Performance

Website optimization
is all about improving and accelerating the performance of your website. It is about making your website popular, increasing its visibility and assuring that your potential customers will definitely visit your site if they are looking for products and services offered by you. It is about retaining the traffic on your site and preventing them from navigating elsewhere. And most importantly it is about conversion optimization and ROI optimization.

A lot of skills, creative and technical knowledge and apt market understanding is needed for Website Optimization. You can bank upon Oms3 for your website optimization. We are in complete sync with the latest tools and technologies required for website optimization.

At Oms3, we have a group of highly accomplished experts who have the theoretical as well as practical knowledge for website optimization. Oms3’s website optimization services are sought after by many businesses big and small.
Based on your on-line status your strengths/ weaknesses/ opportunities/ threats are evaluated. And accordingly develop a website optimization strategy tailor made to suit your marketing goals and budget.

* Our website optimization services incorporate

* making your website more web user friendly and less complicated
* tasting your landing pages and designing it so as to retain the traffic and preventing it from navigating elsewhere
* evaluating the content of your website and modifying it so as to suit the taste of your customers. Making it more Key Phrase centric

* making the necessary changes in your website as so to assure that it adheres to W3C standards
* for natural search engines placements, Optimizing your website
* using optimization techniques to improve your search engine ranking in the major search engines
* placing your website in the various on-line directories

* enhancing the download speed of your web pages * boost your traffic per sales ratio
Website optimization

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Effective Website Promotion Services

Internet marketing has created a revolution in the marketing sector. It has proved so effective that more and more new players are plunging into it.

The crux of internet marketing is having more web users visit your site. If you have the right traffic visiting your site, then your sales and profits are bound to go high. But many a times it has been observed that even the most powerful websites fail to get visitors. The reason being, that they are not promoted well. This has made it necessary to hire professional help for website promotional activities.

At Oms3, having the right resources and infrastructure, we are involved in all kinds of website promotion services. A website promotion program is designed after analyzing the web traffic. Needed alterations are made in the program as and when required according to the changes in the market.

Website promotion services include- (a) improving your ranking on the major search engines (b) running successful ad campaigns at cost effective rates (C) Doing proper keyword research and then using them in various campaigns (d) providing well structured back links (e) implementing strategies like bogs, social community pages that helps pass your massage to various web users (f) campaign tracking and reporting (g) hosting and maintaining feeder websites
The websites are regularly monitored. Our focus here is to retain your visitors from navigating to other sites and boost your sales. Search engines, like Google, MSN, Yahoo, InfoSpace and others offer the facility of paid ads. We see to it that your paid placement programs are run with keyphrases that can actually reach your target audience.

Every week you are presented with a report, where the performance of the various activities undertaken to increase website traffic are evaluated. All these services are offered at very affordable rates. So contact us and know more about us.

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Effective Internet Marketing Expert Services

To give a boost to your on-line marketing activities, having a well designed website is not enough. If your website is attractive, than you are definitely step ahead of your counterparts in the market. But equally important is having quality visitors on your site, who have the potential of becoming your customers.

A well promoted website is must. If a web user, searching for a product or service that you offer, ends up landing on your home page, than it can be said that your web site is well promoted. A well promoted site will definitely bring more visitors, more conversions and more business.

A lot of strategic planning and proper scheduling is required to promote a site. At Oms3 we run a complete website promotion program. We are involved in all kind of traffic generation activities. The professional who assist you in your website promotion, are experts having years of experience in this field.

As it is said that a strong foundation is must, for any structure to stand tall for long. Before planning any traffic generation activity, a proper analysis is done of the web traffic. Keeping into mind your line of business and your target customers, a proper web promotion strategy is shaped.

Following are the part of our website promotion services:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Paid placement and management of ad campaigns

  • Campaign tracking

  • Attractive and creative content writing

  • Intensive keyword research

  • Increased bank links

  • Viral marketing that involves passing on of messages across the web users

A weekly report is sent to you, giving detailed information of the traffic visiting your site. This helps you understand the demographic and psychographic profile of your visitors and design your marketing strategies according.

To avail our services at cost effective rates, contact us right away.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What we can do to the amount of customers of your business?

Well, before you listen to what I have to say, just spare 5 secs to answer these questions:

You own at least a sales website?
You want people to know about your website?
You want to get profits fast but steadily and increasingly?

Okay, I got your answers. So read on.

I know all problems you are facing. Mind checking?

Your mind is getting burnt finding the ways to get people - traffic we call them - to open your door?

Simply, like all other experts, we outsource, wisely. But time is being wasted on security reason: Seeing is believing. There's nothing to see yet.

And, budget is budgeted.

Nothing is impossible. For your information, there are so many ways to lead visitors / traffic to your website, technically, manually, automatically, strategically, and so forth.

An unlike other people, we are going to show you all those ways - marketing techniques we call them - visually, logically, and completely.

From the system of marketing techniques that we have developed, I believe that kind of problem is not deserved being called 'problem'.

Our team of 250 Traffic Assistants have accompanied hundreds of online businesses all over the world. And of course, right methods always bring success.

Here we go, have a look:

Now you got the point. There's one more important thing to show you:

There are no secrets, right. Traffic can be led massively and strategically with a traffic assistant. No doubts.

Please revert back to us for a free website analytics report to have a track on your website health, and my next reply mails I, will discuss how a traffic assistant is going to benefit your business. How and How much and How far and How long.

Getting back to you soon.

Contact for more info :

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OMS3 Traffic Assistants Available

"There's only 3 TA spots left. Hire yours right now:

Hire Traffic Assistants

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the overview call - it's sitting on the home page of But let me give you a brief synopsis.

Your TA would start during the 1st week of February. If you choose a part timer, it's 60 hours a month; full timers are 160 hours per month.

In addition to the actual time you'll have someone working for your business; you will also be a part of our Exclusive Premier-Level Service Club.

This includes the following:

* Personal Asst for 160 hrs/mo (or 60 for part time)

* Monthly Process Maps outlining all of the tasks your assistant does on your behalf.

* Monthly Case Study - this begins in March. We'll look at traffic as a whole and give you a professional case study discussing either a New Method of generating traffic or Efficiency of an Old Method.

* 2 Conference Calls per Month. (1 for part time clients) This will be high-level business and strategy talks on how to Get Most out of TA, Traffic Methods, Lead Conversion, etc., etc.

* A 45 Minute Planning Session (30 min for part time clients) w/ OMS3's own Richard East. This is a one-on-one talk with someone who I'd call a "true entrepreneur". Richard has started and sold no less than 7 businesses in the last 15 years. You'll be given a questionaire to fill out first to get the most out of your time.

* Free Software that OMS3 comes out with such as Keyword Companion (part timers will be given KWC for their TAs use only). Please note, this is at our disgression. Not *all* of our tools will be given / just what we decide to give.

* As part of the development of the Traffic Assistant program, we're already seeing a need to develop scripts to help the TAs automate their processes more. As we develop these scripts, you'll be given access to them for absolutely free. You won't see these scripts sold on the open-market either.

* Information on numerous Traffic Tactics such as MySpace, Social Bookmarking, Video Submissions, SEO Systems, and various Web 2.0 tactics as well.

* And finally, full time clients will be given a 30% Discount on *ALL* of OMS3's Software Solutions and Information Products. (Part timers get 15% off.) Right now - 11 Full Time TAs are available. Hurry and hire yours right now:

Hire Traffic Assistants