Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OMS3 Traffic Assistants Available

"There's only 3 TA spots left. Hire yours right now:

Hire Traffic Assistants

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the overview call - it's sitting on the home page of TrafficAssistants.com. But let me give you a brief synopsis.

Your TA would start during the 1st week of February. If you choose a part timer, it's 60 hours a month; full timers are 160 hours per month.

In addition to the actual time you'll have someone working for your business; you will also be a part of our Exclusive Premier-Level Service Club.

This includes the following:

* Personal Asst for 160 hrs/mo (or 60 for part time)

* Monthly Process Maps outlining all of the tasks your assistant does on your behalf.

* Monthly Case Study - this begins in March. We'll look at traffic as a whole and give you a professional case study discussing either a New Method of generating traffic or Efficiency of an Old Method.

* 2 Conference Calls per Month. (1 for part time clients) This will be high-level business and strategy talks on how to Get Most out of TA, Traffic Methods, Lead Conversion, etc., etc.

* A 45 Minute Planning Session (30 min for part time clients) w/ OMS3's own Richard East. This is a one-on-one talk with someone who I'd call a "true entrepreneur". Richard has started and sold no less than 7 businesses in the last 15 years. You'll be given a questionaire to fill out first to get the most out of your time.

* Free Software that OMS3 comes out with such as Keyword Companion (part timers will be given KWC for their TAs use only). Please note, this is at our disgression. Not *all* of our tools will be given / just what we decide to give.

* As part of the development of the Traffic Assistant program, we're already seeing a need to develop scripts to help the TAs automate their processes more. As we develop these scripts, you'll be given access to them for absolutely free. You won't see these scripts sold on the open-market either.

* Information on numerous Traffic Tactics such as MySpace, Social Bookmarking, Video Submissions, SEO Systems, and various Web 2.0 tactics as well.

* And finally, full time clients will be given a 30% Discount on *ALL* of OMS3's Software Solutions and Information Products. (Part timers get 15% off.) Right now - 11 Full Time TAs are available. Hurry and hire yours right now:

Hire Traffic Assistants


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